august 1–august 15


  • Luis Vaz de Camões, The Lusíads, translated by Landeg White
  • Rose Macaulay, They Went to Portugal Too
  • Carlotta Monti & Cy Rice, W. C. Fields & Me
  • René Belletto, Coda, trans. Alyson Waters


  • Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, directed by Frank Tashlin


  • Museu Monográfico de Conimbriga, Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal
  • Núcleo Museológico, Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

anglo-lusitanian mistreatment of baboons, continued

“Such pretty details as this [Nathaniel] Wraxall missed; also details less pretty, such as two men whom [Richard] Twiss observed when ‘strolling one day about Lisbon in search of new objects’, who had each a large baboon on his shoulders, freeing his head from vermin; it seems they were hired out for this purpose. ‘They seem’, says Twiss, ‘to be the lousiest people I know of, especially the women, who have an enormous quantity of hair.’ ”

(Rose Macaulay, They Went to Portugal Too, pp. 176–7.)

anglo-lusitanian mistreatment of baboons

“Another, Jerome Allen, a century and a half later, an intimate of the Portuguese nobility and himself half Portuguese, became pen-maker to the court and a favourite of the king and queen, brilliantly conducted theological disputations before the court, and designed a balloon which (unlike some Portuguese balloons) really went up: it had for passenger an immense baboon in a sailor suit. The baboon, not liking the trip, jumped into the Tagus and was drowned, but, as he was a baboon of malevolent disposition, no one minded, and the episode added prestige to the college.”

(Rose Macaulay, They Went to Portugal Too, pp. 85–86.)

july 16–july 31


  • Victor Pelevin, The Yellow Arrow, translated by Andrew Bromfield
  • Alberto Moravia, Two Friends, trans. Marina Harss
  • Alberto Moravia, Conjugal Love, trans. Marina Harss
  • Charlotte A. E. Moberly & Eleanor F. Jourdain, An Adventure
  • César Aira, The Literary Conference, trans. Katherine Silver
  • César Aira, Ghosts, trans. Chris Andrews
  • Michael Allen Zell, Errata
  • Bruno Schulz, The Street of Crocodiles, trans. Jerzy Ficowski
  • Erih Koš, The Strange Story of the Great Whale, Also Known as Big Mac, trans. Lovett F. Edwards
  • Joshua Beckman & Jon Beacham, Porch Light (lamp and chair)
  • Sacheverell Sitwell, Portugal and Madeira
  • Norman Douglas, Some Limericks
  • Datus C. Proper, The Last Old Place: A Search Through Portugal


  • You Can Count on Me, directed by Kenneth Lonergan
  • Laws of Gravity, dir. Nick Gomez
  • Boccaccio ’70, dir. Mario Monicelli, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti & Vittorio De Sica


  • “Last Things & Other Forms: Herbert Pfostl & Jon Beacham,” 222 Roebling Street
  • “The Dawn of Egyptian Art,” Met
  • “Ellsworth Kelly: Plant Drawings,” Met
  • “Paintings on Parchment: Italian Renaissance Illuminations from the Robert Lehman Collection,” Met