march 1–15, 2014


  • Lydia Peelle, Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing
  • Alberto Moravia, Paradise, translated by Angus Davidson
  • Edmund White, Chaos: A Novella and Short Stories
  • Philip Short, Pol Pot: The History of a Nightmare
  • Paul Metcalf, Both


  • Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak, directed by Lance Bangs & Spike Jonze
  • This Gun for Hire, dir. Frank Tuttle
  • Her, dir. Spike Jonze
  • The Lego Movie, dir. Phil Lord & Christopher Miller


  • “Radiation: Art and Queer Ideas from Bangkok and Manila, Un-Compared,” Chulalongkorn University Art Center
  • “Scot Cotterell: Everything all at once now (and then some),” Speedy Grandma
  • “Daniel Cordonnier: The Beauty of Peace,” Modern Gallery
  • “Wittawat Tongkeaw: Essence,” La Lanta Fine Art
  • “Hello World,” Thailand Creative & Design Center


“In terms of shaping a silent life this image raises some interesting questions – is the silence in the hearing or the speaking? If I keep a journal, say, with no intention of ‘transmitting’ its content to anyone ever, is that a more silent activity than writing this book in the hope that you will read it and head what I have to say? Is writing, or even reading, which use language but not noise, ‘silent’ in any case?”

(Sara Maitland, A Book of Silence, p. 27.)