june 1–june 15


  • Giuseppi Gioachino Belli, The Roman Sonnets of Giuseppi Gioachino Belli, trans. Harold Norse
  • Raymond Roussel, Locus Solus, trans. Rupert Copeland Cuningham
  • Harry Mathews, Trial Impressions
  • Harry Mathews, Armenian Papers: Poems 1954–1984
  • Harry Mathews, The New Tourism
  • Robert Seydal, Book of Ruth
  • Mark Ford, Soft Sift


  • The Hangover Part II, directed by Todd Phillips
  • L’Illusionniste (The Illusionist), dir. Syvain Chomet
  • Hold Me While I’m Naked, dir. George Kuchar
  • Pink Flamingos, dir. John Waters
  • Fughe e approdi (Return to the Aeolian Islands), dir. Giovanni Taviani
  • One Lucky Elephant, dir. Lisa Leeman
  • The Trip, dir. Michael Winterbottom


  • “Temporary Antumbra Zone,” Janet Kurnatowski Gallery
  • “Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters: The Cone Sisters of Baltimore,” Jewish Museum
  • “Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World),” Jewish Museum
  • “Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective,” Met
  • “Eugene Von Bruenchenhein: ‘Freelance Artist—Poet and Sculptor—Inovator—Arrow maker and Plant man—Bone artifacts constructor—Photographer and Architect—Philosopher’,” American Folk Art Museum
  • “Ryoji Ikeda: The Transfinite,” Park Avenue Armory

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