Finnegans Wake

I’m presently reading my way through Finnegans Wake; each MP3 is a page, going over to the next page if the last sentence is split, occasionally finishing the paragraph if that makes sense. Current progress can be found in the finnegans wake category; as the chapters are completed, the MP3s are moved to chapter-by-chapter directories, like so. God only knows why any one would want these, but if you do, you’re welcome to them.

3 thoughts on “Finnegans Wake

  1. Pingback: book i, chapter 5, pp. 104-111 at with hidden noise

  2. I have noticed that you have worked hard to create a dual page display of the Trent University text of FW alongside Fweet’s elucidations (e.g. While impressive, I thought I’d draw your attention to the fact that Fweet has the text of FW built into it. All you have to do is select the “Show FW Text” option on the search engine page ( and you have the text interleaved with the elucidations (e.g.^021&­cake=&­icase=1&­accent=1&­regex=1&­beauty=1&­hilight=1&­showtxt=1&­escope=1&­rscope=1&­dist=4&­ndist=4&­fontsz=100&­shorth=1). This also saves you from the 300+ typos in the Trent University text, which are already fixed in the Fweet text ( Finally, if I may be so bold, may I suggest you go through Fweet’s tutorial (, You might find some other nuggets there.

  3. Hey, thanks for the note! I know the text of FW is in Fweet; but what I was trying to do was to make an easy-reading version that I could use both at home & at work. Hadn’t known Trent’s text was so errorful!

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