june 16–june 30


  • Marcel Allain, Juve in the Dock, trans. A. R. Allinson
  • Marcel Allain, Fantômas Captured, trans. A. R. Allinson
  • Marcel Allain, The Revenge of Fantômas, trans. Afred Allison
  • Mario Bellatin, Beauty Salon, trans. Kurt Hollander
  • Mario Bellatin, Chinese Checkers: Three Fictions, trans. Cooper Renner
  • Victor Papanek, Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change
  • Marcel Allain, The Yellow Document, or Fantômas of Berlin, trans. unknown
  • Anna Maria Ortese, The Iguana, trans. Henry Martin
  • Dino Buzzati, Larger Than Life, trans. Henry Reed
  • Carlo Levi, The Linden Trees, trans. Joseph M. Bernstein
  • Dino Buzzati, Restless Nights, trans. Lawrence Venuti

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