locus solus industries 003

Despite the failure of our last product at the dread hand of copyright, Locus Solus Industries bravely marches ever onward. Here is Locus Solus 003:

a shirt featuring raymond roussel

Mr. Roussel is, alas, safely dead, and hopefully no one will complain about this one. Also, you can click on that little picture and see a much bigger black-and-white graphic where you can admire the ligatures on the type.

4 thoughts on “locus solus industries 003

  1. the economic model of these is somewhat confused: i make no profit and cafépress is making $8.99 a shirt (which is the lowest the designer, if that’s what i am, is allowed to charge). so i guess i’m a volunteer for capitalism?
    ideally, cafépress would give you the option to just rent the shirts out rather than selling them, which seems tacky. maybe i can just declare that all further sales are in fact rentals?

  2. i’m going to be teaching surrealism again, next fall (irony of teaching it, i know)… and i will feel very sad that i can’t push your t-shirts to my students as a joke…

    particularly when we read peter buerger about capitalism coopting the avant-garde (or can i?)…

    one vote here for a rrose selavy design!

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