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My Tender Buttons:

my tender buttons

There’s a perfectly good edition of Tender Buttons from Green Integer, and it’s collected several other places, including the first volume of the dreadful Library of America compilation. But I wanted one of my own. And you can have one of your very own, courtesy of Lulu. N.b. I still haven’t seen the first one of these, and this one only took me half-an-hour to put together, so no guarantees.

Suggestions for further volumes (preferably 64-page volumes like these) are welcome.

3 thoughts on “locus solus industries 006

  1. hm, the lulu shopping cart wouldn’t work for me last time around but it seems to be going fine now. let me know if there’s anything i can help transcribing/proofing/etc. i wonder if any translations of proust’s ruskin introductions/retractions are in the public domain. probably would be pretty easy to put together 64p given flexibility w/ balancing facing french etc.

  2. Oh, both the books almost certainly are loaded with typos, but I’m kind of interested in what you can do with process via print-on-demand: it’s a trivial matter to make a second edition. Of course you still have angry customers, I guess.

    Proust/Ruskin: I have this, which was put out in 1987 by Yale and is a pretty good edition. If there’s another translation, I’d be interested in doing it.

    There’s also, for what it’s worth, an enormous amount of Ruskin that’s out of print.

  3. ooo. i second the ruskin.

    you could also do alois riegl’s essay on monuments. (i am clearly self-interested.) and you could do proust’s contre saint beuve essay.

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