antonello’s jerome

Inside the baking kiln, after
the saint’s slid in, resides the bluesky
at the back you see twin vials of it
birds and bats included, and below
a window land, four square, for witness

Before, on ledge of neat cares, there is
the peacock pointed away, pride avoiding
copper of use

In case, Jerome reads, profiles the document
in fact is set up to be seen reading, learning
the lay of his robes, shades of his utensil
crannies, to atone, as shown

Below, spread marium of pavement too vast
for his use, he must be cupboarded, staged away
in view lit, from an angle sinistra
and beside step one of four his slipper

In all, this is miniature,
of oddments cased to be taken with you
a pocket display of a life used whole
for the reading, for the closing

(Clark Coolidge, p. 13 in Odes of Roba.)

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