meditations of a parrot

Oh the rocks and the thimble
The oasis and the bed
Oh the jacket and the roses.

All sweetly stood up the sea to me
Like blue cornflakes in a white bowl.
The girl said, “Watch this.”

I come from Spain, I said.
I was purchased at a fair.
She said, “None of us know.

“There was a house once
Of dazzling canopies
And halls like a keyboard.

“These the waves tore in pieces.”
(His old wound—
And all day: Robin Hood! Robin Hood!)

(John Ashbery, from Some Trees.)

3 thoughts on “meditations of a parrot

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  2. I think this is a self-parody. Ashbery is the parrot who is copying his idol, Stevens. A parrrot cannot meditate on anything but merely repeat. Wonderfully playful.

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