conan plays for the kids, part 5 (for raymond roussel)

Hi kids,
presumably all been waiting. For my next guest
is the financial editor. An anchor
for CNN Financial News.
And that commentator for Money Line! With that, with me! Lou Dobbs, right.
Well, I have my rent, and our
okay. Now Myron, uh, thanks very much for coming,
now a lot of kids want to know: just
how CNN got started?
They want to know, up,
what’s it like, working on it, twenty-four hour
foreign news
And after—
Basically, also, how do you manage a financial news network? Mean? How do you do that kind
of show? Let’s talk about that.
Very easily.

That’s not a very early Kantor, thank now. To get the monster is not good, Job,
Well, I think. Right now.
Get out. Get your question.
That was what people want to know.
first of all, let’s talk about this. The bull market has been going on now for fifteen years,
a lot of people want to know: is this going to just continue?
Well, the bull market started in August 1982,
and with a couple of interruptions, it’s, it’s continued to this day,
and it look like it’s got some more steam behind it,
so we can see it,
Keith. Out!
I’m not a bull market! Go on for that long,
whatever, rise as long as kids. Know there has to be a fall. Well, there. A pull. Backs which
we’ve had.
And you know the opposite of a bull market?
That’s right.
Their market. A bear market. Is know that. That’s right,
they did what they were, about the same with the, but if I wasn’t alive—
So my question is this: by do you think at some point we’re headed for a big crash, you
think we’re, were fined for the long haul?
I think we’re not going to see a crash anytime soon.
The economy is doing very well. You know very well that in nation is low.
The econmy has moderated.
Uh, uh, interest rates are going down.
That’s a very good. Unemployment is very low.
It’s really a good scene in the U.S. economy these days!
And that’s why Wall Street is benefiting. Fact: what I,
you, actually,
(the kids don’t know this, but, but my ring here predicted the bull market),
now, a lot of people must be
looking to you for tips, to give stock tips, ever, never, give stock! That,
but I did write, about
fifteen years ago, I wrote a book that said
how to cash in on the coming stock market
and that book started a few months later. After the baby, a book came out.
So it’s a good book. Everyone: you should read that book. And that’s a little of buying now
and the fact is
you can ask me whether I took my own advice?
Digital. I mean, did you, did you?
Are you a rich man?
I’m still working for a living.
I’ll tell you what I think.
you’ve been very helpful so far,
but I think what you need to do is something that might get the kids interested.
So maybe you could – do a little crazy? That’s when you get like a team. I don’t think the
through all the time,
we’ve not had any better.
I feel my rent, and out just in a row, that day.
It’s a trend that was incredible. Thank you very much.
You know myself, actually.
If you put this on, the chart to see Myron Kandel become, in Alabama,
what’s that on the capital of that?
You see,
as well,
thank you very much.
The upcoming, yeah.
On Wall Street, we have bulls, we had. There is,
we never had, an elephant until today.
I and I want to mention CNN and CNN’s Financial News, that you? Doing on shows
but also
as the kids know, you do Money Line with Lou Dobbs weeknights, that seven
then. There was a real pleasure having you on the program,
my pleasure. To be here
and I hope my grandchildren, I have three grandchildren,
I hope they stay up late enough. The election? Well, Michelle. All it for them,
let’s put it that way.
Let’s go up and down. I think that Larry Magid, both in his stance on the way up to the musical

I guess they want to thank an amazing. Audits, we had our day,
but he won, by all the kids that. Come down now; have talked to a friend of mine.

(Source. Text is from the “Transcribe Audio” feature; I added capitalization and punctuation because we can’t expect Google to do everything for us.)

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