january 16–january 31


  • Augusto Roa Bastos, Son of Man, trans. Rachel Caffyn
  • LeRoy C. Breunig, ed., The Cubist Poets in Paris: An Anthology
  • Pierre Reverdy, Selected Poems, trans. Mary Ann Caws, Patricia Terry & John Ashbery
  • William Goyen, The House of Breath


  • International House, directed by Edward Sutherland
  • Poto and Cabengo, dir. Jean-Pierre Gorin
  • Routine Pleasures, dir. Jean-Pierre Gorin
  • Le Tempestaire, dir. Jean Epstein
  • Autumn Fire, dir. Herman G. Weinberg
  • La coquille et le clergyman, dir. Germaine Dulac
  • Geography of the Body, dir. Willard Maas
  • The Mechanics of Love, dir. Willard Maas & Ben Moore
  • Visual Variations on Noguchi, dir. Marie Menken
  • House of Cards, dir. Joseph Vogel
  • The Potted Psalm, dir. Sidney Peterson & James Broughton
  • The Cage, dir. Sidney Peterson
  • Christmas U.S.A., dir. Gregory Markopoulos
  • Adventures of Jimmy, dir. James Broughton
  • Interim, dir. Stan Brakhage
  • Unglassed Windows Cast a Terrible Reflection, dir. Stan Brakhage
  • The Way to Shadow Garden, dir. Stan Brakhage
  • The Extraordinary Child, dir. Stan Brakhage
  • Coogan’s Bluff, dir. Don Siegel
  • The Fall of the House of Usher, dir. James Sibley Watson & Melville Webber
  • Rebus-Film No. 1, dir. Paul Leni
  • Pacific 231, dir. Jean Mitry
  • Arrière saison, dir. Dimitri Kirsanoff

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