march 16–march 31


  • Tommaso Landolfi, Gogol’s Wife & Other Stories, trans. Raymond Rosenthal, John Longrigg & Wayland Young
  • Tommaso Landolfi, Words in Commotion, and Other Stories, trans. Kathrine Jason
  • Tommaso Landolfi, An Autumn Story, trans. Joachim Neugroschel
  • Rachel Levitsky, Under the Sun
  • Harry Thurston, A Ship Portrait
  • Anne Carson, Glass, Irony & God
  • Edmund White, Jack Holmes & His Friend
  • Siddhartha Deb, The Beautiful and the Damned: A Portrait of the New India
  • Julio Cortázar, A Change of Light, and other stories
  • Alison Knowles, Spoken Text
  • Alison Knowles, Footnotes: collage journal 30 years


  • Meek’s Cutoff, directed by Kelly Reichardt
  • Only Angels Have Wings, dir. Howard Hawks
  • Götter der Pest (Gods of the Plague), dir. Rainer Werner Fassbinder
  • La vie est un roman (Life Is a Bed of Roses), dir. Alain Resnais
  • On Approval, dir. Clive Brook
  • La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In), dir. Pedro Almodóvar


  • “Eugène Atget: Documents pour artistes,” MoMA
  • “Exquisite Corpses: Drawing and Disfiguration,” MoMA
  • “Print/Out,” MoMA
  • “Millennium Magazines,” MoMA
  • “Nomads and Networks: The Ancient Art and Culture of Kazakhstan,” Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
  • “Rembrandt and Degas: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,” Met
  • “Spies in the House of Art: Photography, Film, and Video,” Met
  • “Natalie Czech: ‘I have nothing to say. Only to show.’ ” Ludlow 38

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