december 1–december 15


  • Amélie Nothomb, Hygiene and the Assassin, trans. Alison Anderson
  • Michael Allen Zell, Errata


  • Ruthless, directed by Edgar G. Ulmer
  • Tillsammans (Together), dir. Lukas Moodysson
  • Nostalgia de la luz (Nostalgia for the Light), dir. Patricio Guzmán


  • “Jesús Rafael Soto: Soto Unearthed: A 1968 Film and Selected Early Work,” Bosi Contemporary
  • “Pieter Schoolweth: After Troy,” Miguel Abreu Gallery
  • “The Art of Scent 1889–2012,” The Museum of Arts and Design
  • “Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde,” MoMA

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