april 1–15, 2018


  • Walker Percy, The Last Gentleman
  • Susan Howe, Debths
  • Dino Buzzati, Catastrophe, translated by Judith Landry, Cynthia Jolly & E. R. Low
  • Harry Mathews, The Solitary Twin
  • Roger Grenier, Palace of Books, trans. Alice Kaplan
  • Mark E. Smith & Mick Muddles, Renegade: The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith
  • Anna Maria Ortese, Neapolitan Chronicles, trans. Ann Goldstein & Jenny McPhee

It’s nice to have more Ortese in print in English, though I can’t help thinking this cynically retitled Il mare non bagna Napoli obscures what’s most interesting about her as a writer, instead casting her as a slightly wonky neorealist forbear to Ferrante. The translation isn’t substantively different from the 1955 Francis Frenaye translation, though the text is slightly more complete and contextual notes explain who the Neapolitan literati were. But the reader of this might reasonably imagine that Ortese died after this work, rather than going on to write her much more interesting later novels and stories; this does Ortese a disservice.

  • R. K. Narayan, The Guide


  • The Disaster Artist, directed by James Franco
  • Harpya, dir. Raoul Servais
  • Labirynt, dir. Jan Lenica
  • Tango, dir. Zbigniew Rybczyński
  • The League of Gentlemen, dir. Basil Deardon
  • A Quiet Place, dir. John Krasinski
  • The Naked Truth, dir. Mario Zampi
  • I Am Not Your Negro, dir. Raoul Peck
  • Lifeforce, dir. Tobe Hooper
  • Fantastic Voyage, dir. Richard Fleischer


  • “Tarek Atoui: The Ground: From the Land to the Sea,” NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore
  • “Michael Lee: Creatif Compleks,” NTU CCA
  • “The Institute of Critical Zoologists: Final Report of the Christmas Island Expert Working Group,” NTU CCA
  • “Marcin Dudek: Sovereign Heads,” Yeo Workshop
  • “Khairullah Rahm: The Incredible Frolic,” Yavuz Gallery
  • “Wai Teik: Offerings,” Chan + Hori Contemporary
  • “Spring Highlights,” Sundaram Tagore Singapore
  • “Dinh Q. Lê: Monuments and Memorials,” STPI
  • “Zai Kuning: Dapunta Hyang: Transmission of Knowledge,” Theatreworks

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