april 1–15, 2019


  • Aatish Taseer, The Twice Born: Life and Death on the Ganges
  • Ross Macdonald, The Wycherly Woman
  • Niviaq Korneliussen, Last Night in Nuuk, translated by Anna Halager 
  • Sharlene Teo, Ponti
  • Herodotus, The Histories, trans. Aubrey de Sélincourt & John Marincola
  • Magnus Hirschfeld, Berlin’s Third Sex, trans. James J. Conway
  • Ronald Allan, The Mystery of “A Yellow Sleuth”
  • Gopal Baratham, A Candle or the Sun
  • Gopal Baratham, Sayang

There isn’t much Singaporean fiction that I would recommend as interesting to a reader not specifically interested in Singapore, but A Candle or the Sun, a forthright and penetrating study of power, culture, and the state, would make that list. Baratham might not be widely celebrated in part because he followed that book up with the hilariously stupid Sayang, a ludicrous story about the danger of drugs in which everyone dies of AIDS and doctors have uncommonly poor bedside manner. Sayang also manages to hit the reader over the head with overdetermined Christian symbology, a weirdly common pitfall in Singaporean fiction.

  • Franziska zu Reventlow, The Guesthouse at the Sign of the Teetering Globe, trans. James J. Conway


  • Зеркало (Mirror), directed by Andrei Tarkovsky


  • National Museum of Taiwanese Literature, Tainan, Taiwan
  • Anping Tree House, Tainan, Taiwan
  • “Stories We Tell To Scare Ourselves With,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
  • “A Romance between Plants and Insects,” National Taiwan Museum
  • “Microfossil: The Exquisite Beauty under the Sea,” National Taiwan Museum
  • “Silhouette of a Great Master: A Retrospective of Chang Dai-chien’s Art on the 120th Anniversary of His Birth,” National Palace Museum, Taipei
  • “Traditional Chinese Medical Texts on Life, Health and Longevity in the Collection of the National Palace Museum,” National Palace Museum, Taipei
  • “Painting Animation: Along the River During the Qingming Festival,” National Palace Museum, Taipei
  • “Madhvi Subrahmanian & Nandita Mukand: From Lost Roots to Urban Meadows,” The Private Museum, Singapore

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