november 16–30, 2019


  • Maya Jasanoff, The Dawn Watch: Joseph Conrad in a Global World
  • Joseph Conrad, The Secret Sharer
  • Yoko Ogawa, The Memory Police, trans. Stephen Snyder
  • Anne Boyer, The Undying: A Meditation on Modern Illness
  • Afrizal Malna, Document Shredding Machine, trans. Daniel Owen
  • Julián Herbert, The House of the Pain of Others: Chronicle of a Small Genocide, trans. Christina MacSweeney
  • Piero Chiara, The Disappearance of Signora Giulia, trans. Jill Foulston
  • James Lever, Me Cheeta
  • Gabriele Tergit, Käsebier Takes Berlin, tran. Sophie Duvernoy
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt, The Judge and His Hangman, trans. Joel Agee
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Suspicion, trans. Joel Agee
  • Rafael Bernal, The Mongolian Conspiracy, trans. Katherine Silver
  • César Aira, Birthday, trans. Chris Andrews


  • The Lover, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud

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