january 16–31, 2020


  • Jean-Patrick Manchette, Nada, translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith
  • Jean-Philippe Toussaint, The Truth about Marie, trans. Matthew B. Smith
  • Jean-Philippe Toussaint, The Bathroom, trans. Nancy Amphoux & Paul De Angelis
  • Virginie Despentes, Vernon Subutex 1, trans. Frank Wynne
  • Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Reticence, trans. John Lambert
  • Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Naked, trans. Edward Gauvain
  • Lucy Ellmann, Mimi
  • Muriel Spark, The Driver’s Seat
  • Joseph Roth, What I Saw: Reports from Berlin, 1920–33, trans. Michael Hofmann
  • Lucy Ellmann, Dot in the Universe
  • Lucy Ellmann, Doctors and Nurses
  • Norman Lewis, The Honoured Society: The Sicilian Mafia Observed
  • Garth Greenwell, What Belongs to You
  • Muriel Spark, The Hothouse by the East River
  • Giorgio Bassani, The Heron, trans. Jamie McKendrick


  • Clifford, directed by Paul Flaherty

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