june 16–30, 2020


  • Ng Yi-Sheng, Lion City
  • Russell Edson, What a Man Can See
  • Andrea Yew, In These Curved Spaces
  • Georges Simenon, Pietr the Latvian, translated by David Bellos
  • Stephanie Ye, The Billion Shop
  • Georges Simenon, The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien, trans. Linda Coverdale
  • Georges Simenon, The Late Monsieur Gallet, trans. Anthea Bell
  • Françoise Gilot & Carlton Lake, Life with Picasso
  • Christopher Brown, Tropic of Kansas
  • Christopher Brown, Rule of Capture
  • Georges Simenon, The Yellow Dog, trans. Linda Asher
  • Ultra Violet (Isabelle Collin Dufresne), Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol
  • Georges Simenon, Night at the Crossroads, trans. Linda Coverdale
  • David Kinloch, In Search of Dustie-Fute
  • Giorgio Agamben, What Is Real, trans. Lorenzo Chiesa


  • Robinson Crusoe on Mars, directed by Byron Haskins

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