february 1–14, 2021


  • Tim Parks, Cara Massimina
  • Tim Parks, Mimi’s Ghost
  • Girolamo Cardano, The Book of My Life, translated by Jean Stoner
  • Tim Parks, Painting Death
  • Saul Friedländer, Proustian Uncertainties: On Reading and Rereading In Search of Lost Time
  • Jean-Patrick Manchette, No Room at the Morgue, trans. Alyson Waters
  • Gore Vidal, The City and the Pillar
  • Don Mee Choi, Translation Is a Mode = Translation Is an Anti-Neocolonial Mode
  • Gore Vidal, Kalki


  • Bis ans Ende der Welt (Until the End of the World), directed by Wim Wenders

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