may 1–15, 2021


  • Trevor Winkfield & Miles Champion, How I Became a Painter: Trevor Winkfield in Conversation with Miles Champion
  • John Swartzwelder, The Time Machine Did It
  • John Swartzwelder, Double Wonderful
  • Karen An-Hwei Lee, A Maze of Transparencies
  • Raquel Salas Rivera, While They Sleep (Under the Bed Is Another Country)
  • James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times
  • Leonardo Sciascia, The Wine-Dark Sea, translated by Avril Bardoni
  • Leonardo Sciascia, The Day of the Owl, trans. Archibald Colquhoun & Arthur Oliver


  • À bout de souffle (Breathless), directed by Jean-Luc Godard
  • Cold Case Hammarskjöld, dir. Mads Brügger
  • The Birds, dir. Alfred Hitchcock
  • Mister America, dir. Eric Notarnicola

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