september 16–30, 2022


  • Jessica Hagedorn, ed., Manila Noir
  • Martin Villanueva, A Pig Was Once Killed in Our Garage
  • Chiles Samaniego, Marienbad, etc.: A Rayuela Archive
  • Eugene Lim, Search History
  • Xi Chuan, A Song of the Corner, translated by Lucas Klein
  • Luis H. Francia, Museum of Absences
  • Naguib Mahfouz, The Dreams, trans. Raymond Stock
  • Albert Cossery, Proud Beggars, trans. Thomas W. Cushing & Alyson Waters
  • Luis H. Francia, Tattered Boat


  • Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines
  • Yuchengco Museum, Manila
  • National Museum of Fine Arts, Manila
  • National Museum of Natural History, Manila
  • Fort Santiago/Rizal Shrine, Manila

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