january 16–31, 2023


  • Patrick Modiano, Paris Nocturne, translated by Phoebe Weston-Evans
  • Patrick Modiano, Out of the Dark, trans. Jordan Stump
  • Marcel Proust, Letters to the Lady Upstairs, trans. Lydia Davis
  • Patrick Modiano, In the Café of Lost Youth, trans. Chris Clarke
  • Patrick Modiano, Invisible Ink, trans. Mark Polizzotti
  • Erni Salleh, The Java Enigma
  • Ivy Compton-Burnett, Brothers and Sisters
  • R. C. Sherriff, The Hopkins Manuscript
  • Fredric Jameson, Raymond Chandler: The Detections of Totality


  • Seance on a Wet Afternoon, directed by Bryan Forbes
  • Lancelot du Lac, dir. Robert Bresson
  • Aftersun, dir. Charlotte Wells
  • Le Diable, probablement (The Devil Probably), dir. Robert Bresson
  • Irma Vep, dir. Olivier Assayas
  • Le notti bianche, dir. Luchino Visconti

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