march 16–31, 2024


  • Mat Johnson, Pym
  • Mark Haber, Saint Sebastian’s Abyss
  • Huw Lemmey & Ben Miller, Bad Gays: A Homosexual History
  • Herman Melville, Redburn: His First Voyage
  • Mathias Énard, Tell Them of Battles, Kings and Elephants, translated by Charlotte Mandell


  • Waiting for Guffman, directed by Christopher Guest
  • Repo Man, dir. Alex Cox
  • Drive-Away Dolls, dir. Ethan Coen
  • You Hurt My Feelings, dir. Nicole Holofcener
  • รักที่ขอนแก่น (Cemetery of Splendor), dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakul
  • Le pupille, dir. Alice Rohrwacher
  • Le quattro volte, dir. Michelangelo Frammartino


  • Museo archeologico nazionale di Firenze, Florence
  • “Namsal Siedlecki: Endo,” Museo Novecento, Florence
  • “Alessandra Ferrini: Unsettling Genealogies,” Museo Novecento, Florence
  • “André Butzer: Liebe, Glaube und Hoffnung,” Museo Novecento, Florence
  • “Jannis Kounellis: La stanza vede. Disegni 1973–1990,” Museo Novecento, Florence
  • “Ritorni. Da Modigliani a Morandi,” Museo Novecento, Florence

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