opening the cage

14 variations on 14 words

I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is poetry
John Cage

I have to say poetry and is that nothing and am I saying it
I am and I have poetry to say and is that nothing saying it
I am nothing and I have poetry to say and that is saying it
I that am saying poetry have nothing and it is I and to say
And I say that I am to have poetry and saying it is nothing
I am poetry and nothing and saying it is to say that I have
To have nothing is poetry and I am saying that and I say it
Poetry is saying I have nothing and I am to say that and it
Saying nothing I am poetry and I have to say that and it is
It is and I am and I have poetry saying say that to nothing
It is saying poetry to nothing and I say I have and am that
Poetry is saying I have it and I am nothing and to say that
And that nothing is poetry I am saying and I have to say it
Saying poetry is nothing and to that I say I am and have it

(Edwin Morgan)

various things

  • Scottish indie label Chemikal Underground present Ballads of the Book, a collection with lyrics by Scottish poets, including Alasdair Gray (who also provides the artwork) & Edwin Morgan.
  • Late notice: there’s a Circumference-sponsored reading of Slovenian poetry tonight at Columbia. Slovenian and American poets Aleš Debeljak, Brain Henry, Tomaž Šalamun, and Andrew Zawacki will read their poetry and discuss translation. Tuesday 6 March, 7:30 pm, Columbia University School of the Arts, 2960 Broadway at 116th St, Dodge Hall, Room 413.
  • Also: there’s a Circumference 5 launch reading in Amherst this Sunday. Jonathan Bolton reads Czech, Elliott Colla reads Arabic, Krista Ingebretson reads Spanish, and Dara Wier reads some of her homophonic translations. Sunday 11 March, 3 pm, Jones Library, 43 Amity St, 3rd floor, Amherst, Massachusetts.
  • Scanned issues of German magazine Simplicissimus (1896–1944) in PDF format, noted here.