• Louis Adamic’s article on the founding of Black Mountain College can be found in the April 1936 issue of Harper’s (w/ rebuttal by Bernard DeVoto in the same issue).
  • Portraits of students and faculty at Black Mountain College by Hazel Larsen Archer (at the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center).
  • At the California Literary Review, an interview with Paul Collins on, among other things, the past, present, and future relationship of publishing and the marketplace.
  • Marjorie Welish on “In & Out of Amsterdam: Travels in Conceptual Art, 1960–1976” at the New York Observer.

section 43

Sayings that illuminate
lapidary inscriptions
saying the writing
writing the architecture
writing architecture writing   through
up and down manually
or left-handedly or with an intercession

and a few photons, jolly
“in a sudden feeling of shock, surprise, or disappointment,” that’s not
joyous or a joint resolution exactly
even as festivities jolt a centenary
in reading for the archive that is at once a central nervous system
and a center of intentionalities—what were graphics
designating transitive writing arts
in visual culture that left the logo
and remaindered it to information, each of four
letters vetted a rhetoric
technologies opted for rhinestones to the eye
notwithstanding rhizomes in the brilliance

of mind, of the mind in multiplex.

(Marjorie Welish, from “From Dedicated To”, p. 97 in Isle of the Signatories.)