robert walser, “answer to an inquiry” / franz kafka, “blumfeld, an elderly bachelor”

Two small books this time: the first, an illustrated edition of a short Robert Walser piece, the second, an illustrated edition of a long short story by Franz Kafka. The Kafka came out last year though I only recently found a copy; the Walser is from this year, and it’s a new translation, unlike the […]


“Simon was twenty years old when it occurred to him one evening as he lay in the soft, green moss beside the road that, just as he was, he could wander out into the world and become a page boy.” (Robert Walser, from “Simon: a love story”, trans. Susan Bernofsky, p. 15 in Masquerade and Other […]


“—Music hurts me. I don’t know whether I truly love it. It finds me wherever it happens to. I don’t go looking for it. I let it caress me. But these caresses are injurious. How should I say it? Music is a weeping in melodies, a remembrance in notes, a painting in sounds. I can’t […]