september 1–15, 2017


  • Natalia Ginzburg, Family Sayings, translated by D. M. Low
  • Jenny Diski, The Sixties
  • Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, I Didn’t Know Mani Was a Conceptualist
  • Jenny Zhang, Sour Heart
  • Bob Mould & Michael Azerrad, See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody
  • Anthony Burgess, Time for a Tiger
  • Leonora Carrington, Down Below
  • Christian Morgenstern, In the Land of Punctuation, trans. Sirish Rao
  • Robert Walser, Thirty Poems, trans. Christopher Middleton


  • “Tales of the Malay World: Manuscripts and Early Books,” National Library of Singapore

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