a cartography of working: part 2

(being places where I worked in Cambridge & Somerville)

lowell house

Here is Lowell House, which I cleaned as part of dorm crew. I cleaned other houses at various points, but Lowell’s the first one I cleaned, I think.

the lg office

Here is the Let’s Go office (just north of Lowell House) where I worked for two summers as well as a good amount of other time during the school year. There was another summer spent working for Let’s Go in Rome, but that more properly belongs in a cartography of habitations.


Here is the first Cognoscenti office, just north of Cambridge in Somerville. Later it moved much farther north into Winter Hill, but I don’t know precisely where that was. Here I drew maps and did other things. I later worked for Cognoscenti in Rome, but I don’t know if that counts.

One thought on “a cartography of working: part 2

  1. Hey, our work histories overlap. I remember doing Dorm Crew mostly in Pennypacker and Winthrop (while staying in the really dirty former suite of hockey players in Mather – ew). But I won lots of money at poker in Lowell House!

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