heritage of the accursed

Kurt Seligmann’s “Heritage of the Accursed” from Charles Henri Ford‘s magazine View (number 5, December 1945). Reprinted in View: Parade of the Avant-Garde 1940–1947 (compiled by Catrina Neiman & Paul Nathan; printed by the Thunder’s Mouth Press in 1992) as pages 179–182.

Click on the thumbnails of the four pages to see them in readable size:

seligmann 179seligmann 180seligmann 181seligmann 182

And details of the two illustrations – click to enlarge:

seligmann 179 detailseligmann 180 detail

There’s a note from the editors of the anthology on p. 181 that the discussion and illustrations are expanded in Seligmann’s History of Magic (1948), reprinted as Magic, Supernaturalism and Religion (1971) (superseding a note from the editors of View that the article was an excerpt from the forthcoming Seers, Wizards and Magicians, which would have been published in 1946 by Pantheon.

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