conan plays for the kids, part 2 (for raymond roussel)

Any highlight gets you. Ask for it. He really is still not out. Dustin Hoffman as, that’s
not, be everybody, what I did, not
May. God’s side is one of the eight, it said.
It’s a real tree. Having A on the show, you, this amazing work as an actor, and thanks very
much for stopping by.
No knowing, very good map, not been everybody. Get a man.
Staff and without that,
I’ll, all he’s got.
I’m sorry, but we can’t do that.
You want to see about that, at all.
He just got on a bus. See these dogs?
These kids are so much sharper than I thought.
That is right.
Yes, that’s not like the men, and the fact is that up,
I think,
I don’t want to thank. You did not deal and is currently on trial.
We’ve had some fun
up front,
and we, should I say we, have,
so let’s get down now, this is serious.
Business everybody. All right.

Now kids, I asked up front if you read the newspapers, and I know you do.
And you know the biggest news these days continues to be
the budget agreement
worked out last week by Congress.
Not everyone agrees that the big winner
seems to be the President,
the One. Major concessions in several key areas, in tonight,
I thought, would talk to the man himself, and find out
he accomplished all this.
So, a – ladies and gentleman that, kids, boys, and girls, please welcome live via satellite
President Bill Clinton.
It gets well.
I, I, uh, I.
Welcome, Mr. President, but, he added, let’s get that right to it.
That’s not one of the most
surprising victories last week, a mini-battle over welfare reform,
how did you
manage that?
Yet so much,
sir, we don’t,
not cash!
Mr. President!
It is a presidential aide, really, don’t think the media did a, okay, well, I don’t do it!
All we can,
oh, my hand! I was just think I’ll set out to do that.
That’s a long time. And I’ve got, I, the young, instead at, that’s ever played to, the President!
Of the United States! No power at all! Right. Steve Biko. You can’t get, cannot, talk seriously!
For a moment?
I, I wish you would, yes.
I’d like to address this to the young people in our audience.
Kids, you are this country’s future.
And nothing is as important as your own future. Is the ability to read
not just finished? Reading the book myself,
it was called. Forty are dashed to the bathroom, what! Written by William Agee, that—
That’s right, sir, have actually been made. By the way, the Adversary didn’t, that’s our, we,
get back to the budget. All,
I had no idea what they were on. So that everybody in my genes, your goal of this
some of them sure have seen that.
Well, it’s, it’s Vice President Al Gore, kids, yeah!
I am now.
And you know it’s there, in the area.
I had no idea.
Happened that man, not doorman, goers, one voter, boards like bath time. You know what I mean.
That day, our attitude talking about kids always gets into trouble.
But then they always manges to come out on top.
Now your body.
That’s the video. That is a half,
the local, the, your career, really are.
Still, they do, they do.
did you?
And then on the route, her aides said – and as the President’s budget, I think we should note – 
that the first man, how about a – little students that come out, buddy!
All rigth, what is that about? By Hamas, Mr. Obama reminds voters that Franken said it.
Is still. Be know.
A guy that’s going to be there, you know. I know.
Now one for me.
Also, it’s got floated. A friend and I want to go out and vote, now we’re all rising. Regroup!
Well, the able.
The marina. That well, and ndash; I think that.
I’ve got to take a break. We’ll be right back. We’ll see you in just a second

Everybody, we are back. 
Act now. Before we go on, I want to warrant.
I want to warn all the kids
in the studio right now
about a very scary monster
that lives right here in the NBC Building. Not, let me
tell you about it,
kids. He’s called the Board A Monster
because he loves the people
who aren’t having any fun.
And you know what that means? Some. What that means. And he, well, that means that a few kids
started, if he’d start getting
border. You started getting too quiet.
Then the monster will come in. We’ll try and get us into a need. Us, all, that’s right in.
He’s not kidding about this state, kids, get the border monster comes.
There’s only one way.
Began to leave us alone.
And that’s to laugh
and clap, as well as you can see the nose.
We’re not really bored.
He hears that, children,
we’re not sure I was going on,
Is that what you want? A while?
Good for you, that was very – voted against them.
By the way,
kids, I dislike you. Know
the border. Months has attacked the show many times of many, many times, the word for you,

That gets out. Let’s get on to the next part of its shell.
My first guest is a founding member of the kids, and all coming true,
and it seems Wednesday night by news radio
here on NBC. Please welcome,
then falling.
I’m entitled to show, well, I think you’re going to die.
I said that, and a hot day.
It’s not a dissident.
It’s a nice change of pace.
It is the end as well for you. You have kids.
And all you have to adapt. This is the rebel for years. It’s just like being on, yeah,
the, I have a – Two-hundred fifty children,
now take a – It felt that I would have thought that they thought, would prevent not to take
very long now,
now first of all. Over it’s a terrific actor.
To Africa in a – By Putin’s to Zimbabwe, Africa,
and, uh, flew in Iran, and then from there went on to spend Christmas at Victoria Falls. For
a problem, that’s very beautiful. That is good.

“Well I, I –”
“Uh huh.”
“It’s sad. Followed: it’s very entertaining and fun.”
“Yeah, I know.”

(Source. Text is from the “Transcribe Audio” feature; I added capitalization and punctuation because we can’t expect Google to do everything for us.)

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