conan plays for the kids, part 3 (for raymond roussel)

Anything that you would send, all right,
that’s an earlier time.
Yeah, I know.
Came right.
Well, that’s, that’s,
We have to be quiet. First woman, President,
all right now, settle down.
That is, again, going to play. Using you kids in the audience,
That’s night and day. By not having is this –
we can use
our advanced computer technology
to look into the future and see with these. Kids are going to look. Like
when they get all—
Prentiss, any kids? What it’ll look like when you’re all, for example, let’s
look at this kid right here.
The that, it doesn’t have that. I’ve read a lot.
That’s not right now.
What the Nazis had, a lot like,
her eyes are going to go – look at that, of – are already there,
what I say now. Look like.
All right, and what’s it look like.
I like the cat, that was going to look like. I’m curious, day but you –
she wanted to hear that.
They all feel, is right, that capital of Lhasa, water
and that will be right back. After this break, that followed, thank you very much.

And he’d been,
And now, and demand room, and
this is totally easy.

It’s not, so far, we’ve been having a good time here tonight,
but I do have to stress once again, as nice as everyone’s been here,
if someone starts to miss the day,
I don’t want to do it.
But we’re going to have to take them.
Tonight he lands.
That’s right.
Kids, I know it seems,
it seems out, a deal but not. A lady has not been nice. Place
take another look at ninety, when
All right. Did—
Now we’re going to go shopping. Have done,
many still are,
you can only spend five hundred dollars.
I, right,
this is – what? my— As you know, what
the, that’s silly.

Every time I see that, I get children.
All right.
Ladies and gentleman, Nat.
A couple of kids showed up early today. Most kids showed up from their summer camp.
They came back from summer camp to the show today, but up onto the kids, showed up early,
so I decided to give them a tour
of NBC, and that was a lot of fun.
The kids are real sweet. We had a good time.
Take a look at what happened.

No, we’re going to do it today.
I think you guys, it, to work!
Of NBC, that the National Broadcasting Corp., radio,
I had a nice – if any kids act unruly or misbehave, we’re going to have to get it, or
Pères meeting with Richard Lewis
isn’t really fun. He’s a really new run. A comic is any –
they think he’s really neurotic
there. Are a lot of – power out! There.
you know, “Al Rokar”?
You saw the movie.
Is that? How? Will? Permit? See the star of the movie
in an end.
This is where we did a show. How? This is a way of, sort of, thing.
That is what is right. Their kids,
doesn’t look like it, but the main campaign
and as many. Them? Throughout the whole show.
But it happened.
Is there anything?
Authorities are now, of the study noted. That. So we know. The show is over.
What’s it? Cites the expenses ceiling.
I don’t think that’s the fastest. I can tell you as well.
You going to be the first people
to see my – I – his natural high, 
except for Julia Roberts. Is that what’s next, for better,
what? Exactly. This is what I do, said
right now.
Europe is what I do every night. And I get ready, to the show.
Right now. Everyone is the latest.
The only – all my – do your homework, automated telephone!
And you know, for a very nice,
now you’re a traditional
watch. Clinton wants to know why.
Past that have found the perfect of,
you come back, and address. We need to ask you, right now,
how is the show? And it would all, only, was great. It was great. It was great. You know, you
know what was in, okay.
Let’s try it.
I like. Itself.
See, that’s what it’s like in here after the shells. That goal,
say up, 
I, I did a story thing, up in all of you, go. Well, no, no, no. You’re a genius. You’re a genius.
Now you guys are all working in television.
Now that is
local radio. This is my hero. Do
what’s also in other Roberts, that can!
Good evening.
Well, it’s a separate lives that robbers,
my, for the economy, can’t see right now! It’s about Robert Stack.
The other hand in the wake of the bill that I did in my restaurant that you, don’t worry,
there’s no water, and Stephanie, that,
think: it’s not hard. Once I got heart out,
they got to do. Is a very good. About it’s Saturday night. Live with it.
Senator, I love that,
and it’s a nice place. To the insurance: do not get paid. But they have to do whatever
we say.
And to do whatever we say? Well, let’s take some votes.
Guns, do a lot better!
We want a balance!
We want it!
As a – that, that not or not, I was crying.
Now gone on strike.
That’s right.
So you left. I want to go.
I don’t know.
They want to add that sandy
he; so we is going to work now.
They can’t. What time is it?
That’s right. It’s four o’clock. Yes.
We’re law.

Yeah. I guess I’m going to take a little break right now, but in— The United States will be
right back, talking with us.

(Source. Text is from the “Transcribe Audio” feature; I added capitalization and punctuation because we can’t expect Google to do everything for us.)

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