august 16–31, 2017


  • Giorgio De Maria, The Twenty Days of Turin, translated by Ramon Glazov
  • Christopher Logue, Patrocleia of Homer: A New Version
  • Lisbon Poets, trans. Austen Hyde & Martin D’Evelin
  • Antonio Tabucchi, Requiem: A Hallucination, trans. Margaret Jull Costa
  • Dorothy B. Hughes, In a Lonely Place
  • Sarah Manguso, 300 Arguments
  • Jenny Diski, In Gratitude
  • Vikram Chandra, Geek Sublime: Writing Fiction, Coding Software


  • Okja, directed by Bong Joon-Ho
  • Born in China (生在中国), dir. Lu Chuan


  • “Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Danh Vo,” National Gallery, Singapore
  • “Children’s Biennale 2017,” National Gallery
  • “Yayoi Kusama: Life Is the Heart of a Rainbow,” National Gallery
  • “Ng Eng Teng: 1+1=1,” NUS Museum
  • “ ‘Who Wants To Remember A War?’ War Drawings And Posters From The Ambassador Dato’ N. Parameswaran Collection,” NUS Museum
  • “From The Ashes: Reviving Myanmar Celadon Ceramics,” NUS Museum
  • “Radio Malaya: Abridged Conversations About Art,” NUS Museum
  • “Massimo Giannoni: Panopticon,” Partners & Mucciaccia
  • “Phi Phi Oanh: Make Shift,” FOST Gallery
  • “Apertures,” Yeo Workshop
  • “Masanori Handa: A Palace,” Ota Fine Arts
  • “Jason Wee: Labyrinths,” Yavuz Gallery
  • “Mark Justiniani: Provoking Space,” Mizuma Gallery

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