september 16–30, 2017


  • Giorgio Bassani, The Smell of Hay, translated by Jamie McKendrick
  • Jenny Diski, Skating to Antarctica
  • Muriel Spark, Not to Disturb
  • Jenny Diski, Stranger on a Train
  • Anthony Burgess, The Enemy in the Blanket
  • Alan Garner, The Owl Service
  • Percival Everett, Glyph
  • Tomás Saraceno et al., Arachnid Orchestra. Jam Session
  • Valerio Magrelli, The Embrace: Selected Poems, trans. Jamie McKendrick
  • Ross Macdonald, The Moving Target


  • “Guo-Liang Tan: Ghost Screen,” Ota Fine Arts, Singapore
  • “Hong Sek Chern: More Space,” Lim Hak Tai Gallery, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
  • “Tang Da Wu: Hak Tai’s Bow, Brother’s Pool and Our Children,” Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
  • “Siapa nama kamu? Art in Singapore Since the 19th Century,” National Gallery
  • “Wu Guanzhong: A Walk through Nature,” National Gallery
  • “Strokes of Life: The Art of Chen Chong Swee,” National Gallery
  • “Rediscovering Treasures: Ink Art from the Xiu Hai Lou Collection,” National Gallery
  • “Ghosts and Spectres – Shadows of History,” NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore
  • “Siren Eun Young Jung: Wrong Indexing: Yeoseong Gukgeuk Archive,” NTU CCA Lab
  • “That’s Contemporary: Contemporary Art from Marc Chagall to Nowadays,” Partners & Mucciaccia
  • “Adeel uz Zafar: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise,” Fost Gallery
  • “Antonio Puri,” Sundaram Tagore Singapore
  • “Angki Purbandono: If You Give Me Lemon, I’ll Make Lemonade: Tales from Tokyo and Tangkahan,” Mizuma Gallery
  • “Aung Ko: Diary from the Dark,” Chan + Hori Contemporary
  • “Dusadee Huntrakul: To Dance Is To Be Everywhere,” Chan + Hori Contemporary
  • “Fyerool Darma: Monsoon Song,” Yeo Workshop
  • “Re/Collecting Asia: Selections from Singapore Private Collections,” Shanghart Singapore
  • “From Pop Art to New Media: Shanghart Group Exhibition,” Shanghart Singapore
  • “Richard Lewer: Life, Love and Death,” Sullivan+Strumpf Singapore

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