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My Tender Buttons:

my tender buttons

There’s a perfectly good edition of Tender Buttons from Green Integer, and it’s collected several other places, including the first volume of the dreadful Library of America compilation. But I wanted one of my own. And you can have one of your very own, courtesy of Lulu. N.b. I still haven’t seen the first one of these, and this one only took me half-an-hour to put together, so no guarantees.

Suggestions for further volumes (preferably 64-page volumes like these) are welcome.

locus solus industries 005

As requested, an Rrose Sélavy entry in the Locus Solus Industries catalogue, soon to be bewilderingly huge:

sélavy shirt

This is of course based upon Duchamp/Sélavy’s Wanted: $2,000 Reward but! it’s been poorly (and fairly obviously) remade in Indesign, ha ha ha. Should anyone want to send me their own passport photos, I will gladly insert them into the design in the place of poor Marcel, whose features time and JPEG compression have not treated well.

locus solus industries 004

Locus Solus Industries, a brave experiment in capitalist failure, presents LS004, which also marks the inauguration of Senza Press, a brave experiment in publishing failure. Available now from Lulu: an edition of Herman Melville’s Timoleon, etc.. Originally published in 1891, the year in which Melville died, Timoleon was Melville’s last published book. As far as I can tell, this is only the second edition of the book: Melville having completely given up on the American literary establishment at that point, it was originally published in an edition of 25 and received no attention from anyone.

Here is what the cover looks like:


Click here to go to Lulu to buy a copy for $5.81 (the cheapest you can do it at Lulu), or click here to download the full PDF (488kb) for free.

The print edition is 6″ x 9″ and 64 pages long; the PDF version includes the covers and is set up as spreads. I have not seen the print version and cannot vouch for its printing quality, but that’s what the Internet’s all about, isn’t it? As I typed the whole thing in (thanks for nothing, Project Gutenberg), it is almost certainly riddled with errors. But: if the errors are pointed out to me, I will happily correct them and make a new version.

locus solus industries 003

Despite the failure of our last product at the dread hand of copyright, Locus Solus Industries bravely marches ever onward. Here is Locus Solus 003:

a shirt featuring raymond roussel

Mr. Roussel is, alas, safely dead, and hopefully no one will complain about this one. Also, you can click on that little picture and see a much bigger black-and-white graphic where you can admire the ligatures on the type.

locus solus industries 002

Locus Solus Industries continues apace. Here is our second t-shirt:

capitalism t-shirt

Also suitable for many occasions, perhaps even more than the last one.

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